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Fruit Shop is one of the best known slots from gaming giants NetEnt. It has even spawned a spin-off, the very similar yet still enjoyable Fruit Shop Christmas. Fruit Shop isn't one of the most visually exciting slots games out there, but it's certainly one of the most fun to play. With frequent free spins and the potential to build up some decent wins in the base game, it remains a staple of many gamers' repertoires. It has a fairly simply fruit based theme, and doesn't use any fancy animation tricks or graphics to keep the player's attention. Instead, it relies on its excellent base game features and simple gameplay to win over fans. Experienced online gamers have probably already come across this famous slot and will be aware of its huge popularity, while newbies will love its simplicity. Read on to learn all about this fantastic slots game and see whether you like the sound of it.


Anyone who's played at more than a handful of online casinos will surely be familiar with the NetEnt brand. Originally founded in Sweden under the name Net Entertainment, NetEnt has gone on to become one of the biggest and brightest developers in the world. The firm's slots are so popular and iconic that they feature heavily in TV, print and online advertising for some of the world's largest casino groups. Starburst from NetEnt is regularly the top played game at UK online casinos, and this pattern is repeated in other countries too. Other top NetEnt titles include Dead or Alive, Bloodsuckers, Jungle Spirit, Steam Tower, Wild Wild West and Flowers. NetEnt games tend to be fairly simple to pick up, meaning new players will have no trouble getting started. The firm is also known for its incredible design and innovative special features. While Fruit Shop might not be one of the most visually thrilling slots, it still benefits from the developer's talent for creating playable and enjoyable slots.

If you aren't familiar with the exciting work of this brand, you should try your hand at some free NetEnt slots. This is a great way to explore the titles of top developers and to find games that you really enjoy playing before you commit any real cash to them.

Fruit Shop design

Fruit Shop's design is, unsurprisingly, based on a fruit shop. The reels are set into a traditional looking fruit stall, which is set in a sunny looking field. The whole game is very colourful and appealing. The use of bright primary colours gives the slot a simple yet fun appearance. The symbols themselves are set against a plain white background, ensuring they really stand out. The symbols are, of course, mainly fruit based, and are designed in an attractive cartoon style. The rest of the symbols are playing card symbols, presented in a similar simple yet fun way. The appearance of the game is perhaps deceptively simple as there really is more to it than you might expect at first glance.

The game's sound effects are similarly low key, but really work with the style and overall feel of the game. You get little cheerful jingles when you land a win, and will hear some background music when you're in the middle of a free spins session.

Fruit Shop Slot - Giochi Gratis Online - Senza Deposito

About Fruit Shop

Fruit Shop is a low to medium volatility slots game, meaning you can expect a lot of small to medium wins but it's extremely unlikely you'll hit anything truly huge. Many players prefer this type of slots game as they tend to provide longer gaming sessions without eating through their balance. This is a great type of game for novice players to start with as it's simple and should enable you to keep playing for quite some time. There are no complex rules or unusual payout structures and it's very enjoyable to play, no matter what your experience or stakes.

This is probably one of the most famous free spin slots out there at the moment, probably because it features on so many top casino sites. While there are other slots that give you free spins within the base game, Fruit Shop probably does it better than most.

If you love this game, you should also give Fruit Warp a go. It's a similarly enjoyable fruit based game and is straightforward to pick up. There are plenty of other slots out there that are easy to play and have a fun, simple theme, so take your time exploring the rest of our titles to find your new favourites.

How to play Fruit Shop

It really couldn't be simpler to get started. As with any slots game, the most important thing is to get your bet size set up. This will avoid you accidentally betting more than you planned. This is a fixed payline slot, meaning you will always be betting on the same number of lines. Fruit Shop has 15 paylines and you can't choose to bet on fewer than 15. This makes things even simpler as all you have to do is change the size of your coin and your bet level. In order to adjust the coin size, you'll need to use the buttons on either side of the coin value display and cycle through the available options. You can then change the bet level - this is the number of coins you are betting on each line. Say you select a coin size of 10p, and a bet level of 2, for example. There are 15 lines so you will be betting two coins x 15. Your total bet would be £3. If you just bet 1p per line and your bet level was one, your total bet would be 15p. Play around with the bet levels and coin size and watch how the total bet displayed changes. Once you are happy with your total bet, it's time to hit the spin button.

When you press spin, you'll hear a chiming sound as the reels spin. This is a fairly fast slots game so the reels will settle into their final positions pretty quickly. If you land a winning combo, the game will play a little celebratory jingle. If your winning combo features three or more of any of the fruit symbols, you will be awarded instant free spins. You can read more about this below.

Fruit Shop special features

There is really only one special feature in this game but it's a good one. Every time you land a winning combo involving three or more fruit symbols (or two or more in the case of cherries) in the base game, you are awarded instant free spins. Winning combos made up of playing card symbols don't count, although they do in the free spins. So, if you land two or more cherries in a winning combo or three or more of any of the other fruit symbols, a pop-up message will tell you how many free spins you've been awarded. Two or three cherries or three of any of the other fruits in a winning combo on an active payline will land you one free spin. Four of any fruits will get you two free spins, while five matching fruit symbols will get you a generous five free spins. And that's not all - you can win extra free spins during the free spins rounds. This means you can potentially keep going in a free session for a long time, racking up more and more wins.

During the free spins, any winning combos pay out double the amount in the base game AND award you extra free spins. The additional free spins are awarded at the same levels as in the base game, i.e., you'll need two or more cherries or three or more of any other symbols. Unlike in the base game, the playing card symbols are also included, meaning you have lots more chances to add to your free spins tally.

While some players might miss a designated free spins round with, say, 10 or 20 free spins guaranteed, the fact that these in-game free spins crop up fairly frequently will satisfy most players. It's also not uncommon to add further free spins, meaning your total spins can reach pretty high numbers very quickly. You'll be shown a pop-up at the end of the free spins session telling you how many spins you've had and how much you won. This is handy if you've lost count!

Fruit Shop special symbols

There is only really one special symbol in this game, and that's the wild. There are no scatters or bonus symbols, as the game's bonus feature takes place within the base game and is triggered by regular game symbols, namely the fruit symbols. The wild symbol is pretty appealing though. It's easily recognisable as it is the only symbol with writing on it - it's the game's logo on a colourful background. It substitutes all other game symbols and doubles any win it is a part of. It can substitute symbols to trigger the free games, too.

Fruit Shop on mobile and tablet

Partly because of the simplicity of the game and graphics, this is a great slot to play on a smaller screen. The game is compatible with mobile, tablet and other devices as well as traditional desktop and laptop platforms. Some slots are best played on a larger screen, such as a laptop or tablet, because a lot of the detail of the graphics is lost on a smartphone screen, but this isn't one of them. It's a fantastic slot to play on a tiny screen and you won't miss out on any of the design or features. It's an easy game to dip in and out of, meaning it's great to play on the go, even if you only have very limited time. The spins are over quickly and there are no lengthy intro or in-game special animations that will leave you twiddling your thumbs for minutes at a time.

Where to play Fruit Shop for free

You can play this and any of our other hundreds of slots completely free of charge here at Slots Temple. We have all the biggest titles from the biggest names in the business. You'll find old classics, brand new releases and everything in between here on our free site. Playing slots for free is a great way to test the waters of online gaming. It can be intimidating signing up for a casino for the first time and being encouraged to make huge deposits before you even know what games are on offer and whether you'll like them. Playing for free lets you try some of the biggest online slots in the world without making any commitment. You can look up old favourites, explore brand new titles or maybe try out something you've heard about but never fancied playing for real. If you find something you love and decide you want to play it for real money, you'll have a head start as you'll already know and understand all the rules and peculiarities of the game before you part with a single penny of your own money. You can play here at Slots Temple to your heart's content.

How to win at Fruit Shop

Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee wins at this or any other reputable slots games. It's simply not possible because all slots must be run in such a way that they are completely random and fair. Some people might believe they know the secret to triggering big wins or special features, but the online gambling industry is tightly regulated and operators and developers must prove their games and other offerings are fair and that wins are generated at random. Take any sites claiming to be able to help you scoop big winnings with a pinch of salt. Always check any gambling sites you play at are licensed or regulated as appropriate in the country you are playing in.


Informazioni di gioco
Nome del gioco: Fruit Shop
Software: Net Ent
%: 96.7%
Volatilita: Volatilità media
Linee: 15
Rulli: 5
Puntata minima (tutte le linee): €0.15 (EUR)
Puntata massima: €150 (EUR)
Più grande vittoria: 2000
Funzioni: Wild Symbol , Scatter Symbol , Multiplier , Giri gratuiti , Volatilità media , 5 Rulli

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